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Sorry for the delay, we had some exams! This Dev Log we show some extra features our game will include as well as...

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Sorry for taking so long again! :)

Exams were here and I had to work on those. We have all been working on this project, just didn't have the time to make an article.

This post will show some of our Interface and some of our puzzle ideas.

Also, in the end we have a small build where you can try out our mechanics for yourself. We also have a small form for you to fill up with your feedback.

So let's start.

First thing we added was, a way to guide the player. For this we just copied what Skyrim, PUBG and many others did and added a compass on the top of the screen. We also added a small crosshair in the centre of the screen to help with throwing.


If you pay close attention there is actually a symbol on the compass, which we can change to any location in the map and it updates automatically. This way if we want to guide the player to an area, he just has to follow the symbol on the compass.

Although, we might need to change the colours to something with more contrast.

Next we added a Quest System.

This way if the player was lost or didn't know what to do he could just open the quests and see what he can do.

This can also track progress on collectables.

Quest Log


(sorry for bad quality, indiedb only allows up to 4mb per file, so we have to compress)

So, as you start a new quest, it gets added to the Quest Log and show on the top right corner in game. Later on, we will add some animations so that it looks a bit smoother. It's still very rough but it gives an idea of how it will be. At most there will be 3 quest displayed in game, or tracked, and you can select which ones to track or un-track in the Quest Log.

We will probably also add sections on the Quest Log for Completed, Active and Available quest.

We also made some space for Settings, but we still need to think of what to put in them.


We added an image to show what is interactive and what button to use for it.


And some effects for when the character takes damage.

Damage FX

And that's pretty much it for interface, so far.

Now for some more puzzle additions!

As you might have seen, we added some levers. This can be used to activate something directly or as a sequence.


And we added some light that can bounce on certain objects

Light Beam

We also started to add some obstacles like pendulums with blades


and some falling platforms

Falling Platforms


As much as we try to fix problems, everyone plays a game differently, which means some people might do things that are unexpected. This may sometimes lead for a game braking scenario, and to fight this we need to test things.

However we can't do all the testing ourselves as that would lead to too few different perspectives.

So, if you would like to help us and give us your feedback we would really appreciate that. We made a testing level for you to try out some of our mechanics and a small form for you to submit you feedback.

Anything you would like to say about the game would be really nice, and don't be scared to say bad things! We are still learning and we learn best from our mistakes!


This build is in no way close to our finished product and its goal is to help us find issues we do not see and see how intuitive our ideas are. Any feedback will be extremely appreciated and please, do not feel frustrated if you don't reach the end or get stuck.

If for some reason you do get stuck, use Alt + F4 as the pause menu isn't functional yet.

The game file is relatively big, 1.3 GB, so please know we are not forcing you to test, but if you want to help we would appreciate it very much!

Get to testing here!

That's it!

Once again, thank you very much for your time, and we will see you on the next Dev Log!

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