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Post news RSS Dev Log #6: First gameplay video (plays in HD)

A video that shows the gameplay of AcriD - a fast paced multiplayer top down shooter game.

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AcriD is a game that is easy to grasp. but hard to master. You need to escape from your opponents when you are in a critical situation (low health points, trapped, etc.). Conversely, hunt down, trap and kill your enemies when you have the advantage (good stack of bonuses, etc).

During that duel, we carefully timed the various Heath and Magical armour bonuses.
The most important bonuses on the map are:
- A regeration spell located in the center of the map. 35s respawn time.
- A heavy magical armour located in the bottom left corner. 25s respawn time.
- An light magical armour located in the top light corner. 25s respawn time.

Are you ready for action?

AcriD's installer

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Thanks for your support.

nb: the screenshots are under GNU GPL v3, and CC-BY-SA 3.0.

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