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Working day and night to get more concept into the game

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Hi All,

As promised in the last Dev Log we are back with another update!

The team is currently working on concept art and new ideas for enemies and items. This is the first major step in bulking the game and developing a major milestone before release.

New In-Game:

Two new enemy characters and 1 new passive have been welcomed in as well as Four new enemies have started the application process in concept city. If they get a home will be decided later.

Again I would like to mention that if you wish to get an early peek at our asset development and a sneak peek of the game check out our Instagram (Link: Instagram.com)

Coming Soon:

For the time being we plan on continuing work on the concept art and refinement of the game loop.

More news and updates will be coming in shortly.

2 new Enemies:

John 1


We hope you stick around to see where we go from here.

Warm Regards,
Level of Detail Studios.

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