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Post news RSS Dev Log 5 - Level and initial characters blockout!

In this dev log we will be talking about the level design and inicial character blockout!

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Hello Friends!

In this dev log we will be showcasing our artist's work in creating the initial blockout for the characters in our game and our level blockout!
Since last week we showed you the concept for our characteres, this week we wanted to show you a sneak peek of how they are looking in 3D so far and how we envision our island is going to be!

Characters Blockout:

Delivery Capybara

Kimono Seller

Fish Seller

Boat Tech and Black Market Merchant

Some variations of each

Level Blockout:

The island will be divided in three distinct areas, the port (where the fish seller is), the city (where the kimono lady has her shop), and the junkyard (where is the black market and the boat tech).

This is all for today! We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Be sure to follow us on our social media to get more frequent updates about what we are doing!




With love, Crimson Capy

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