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Post news RSS Dev Log 2 - Programming prototypes and spec sheet!

In this post we will be going over a few mechanic prototypes our game programmer has been working on, as well as a sketch for our spec sheet!

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Hello everyone!

We are really excited to show you guys some early prototypes of some of the mechanics we will have in our game. We are also really happy to showcase a sketch for the spec sheet of our game!

image 2023 03 25 215442862

Our project's art is slowly coming to life with every sketch our super talented artist creates, and we are super excited to see what the final project will look like!

With that said, we also feel like its time to shine a light on the work our programmer has been doing so far!
Our programmer has worked on the camera rotation of our game and in the box delivery mechanic of the game.

Box Delivery:

For this mechanic to work, the player must be able to pick up to three boxes at a time and deliver the right boxes to the place they are requested. If the player is inside the delivered area, the boxes can be dropped by pressing the "E" Key.

boxdelivery 1

Camera Rotation:

For this mechanic to work, the player must be able to go into a wider view of the whole island and be able to press different buttons to rotate the view of the camera, showing different sides of the island.


We are really happy with how things are turning out, and are expecting to get a playable prototype of our game with the main mechanics in a few months from now!

On another note, we were invited to showcase our work in a school exposition next week! WOO!!
We are super excited to showcase and praise our artist for her work so far, and also feel super grateful for this opportunity!

This is all for today! We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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With love, Crimson Capy

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