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Well we've come a long way, but i'm sad to announce that this project is officially ending... Just Kidding! Version 1.2.2, Lua, Collision, Physics and More...

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Hello There,

My name is Matt and I am the lead developer for Game Of Engines. For those of you who do not know, GoE is a Game Development Toolkit that allows the user to create their own video games with a few clicks of their mouse.

1. The End?
Well we've come a long way, but i'm very sad to announce that this project (GoE) is officially ending... Just Kidding! I have been hard at work and I believe that Version 1.2.2 is finally ready to be released and will be ready for use shortly. Anyway, Hello. Sorry I have been unable to post for a while, I have been very busy with Pirates.

2. Whew. So, What's New?
Glad you asked. I have had a few emails from friends complaining about the lack of "real" collision detection so I have implemented one using a component based architecture that can be added to any sprite you have created.

3. Collision
If you have created a sprite and would like to make it collide with other players or platforms then your in luck because I have implemented a component based system for Collision and Physics. By using the function "setupCollision" you can define a number that represents the importance of that sprite. Here is the index list as of V1.2.2:

  1. Will Collide With Solids
  2. Will Collide With Solids and Sprites
  3. Will Collide With Solids, Sprites and Have Physics Act Upon It.

Here is a screenshot of the function in work:

4. Pirates?

5. What's Next
Unfortunately, this will be the last Dev Log that I post for a while. Instead I shall be resuming full Development on both the Toolkit and my new game.

6. Share
If you have a friend that would be interested in making their own game then please send them this way. In addition to this, if you want the latest updates on the Toolkit then please follow us on twitter twitter.com/thedevinedev

7. Thanks
Thanks for Reading guys. Sorry this one was short but I have been awfully busy Developing, Distributing and Downloading. Oh, and working with Pirates.

Thanks For Reading,


Nice! I can't wait to be able to use it.

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