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Our third development journal shows off the Parry mechanic, which is a new alternative to blocking, which acts as a deflection of attacks. Parries are great for stunning your opponent in order to quickly retaliate.

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This week, the development journal takes a look at a large change we've made to combat and combat pacing. Introducing the Parry Mechanic. This maneuver offers the player the ability to block an attack AS WELL as stun their opponent.

While their opponent is stunned, they are unable to block or attack for a short time. This allows the player to begin charging or quickly change to a different stance to execute a deadly volley of attacks on the now open opponent. Attacks made in a certain direction (forward, left or right,) must be met with a parry in that direction. Normal blocking can be done in any direction, and can be broken by a fully charged attack. UNLIKE normal blocking, fully charged attacks can be deflected by parrying and the player will incur no damage.

Every week (if we can manage it,) we'll release a small 30s-60s video of new content and changes we've been working on. We will focus on one mechanic, concept or component within the game and either give information, or just plain show it off!

If you have a suggestion for a development journal or something you want to see, let us know!


Makes me think of Age of Conan & Saber blocking in the JK series.

Man I cannot wait.

If this game is 9.99$, I'll surely buy it, as long as you don't pepper it with 1.99$ DLC like alot of games like this often do.

Also, March 17th? Wow, this was really archived for a long time. How odd.

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urinal-cake Author

Yes it was.

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