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Got a large update for you today, lots of news to share out!

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First off, we've released our first public demo of the game. If you want to try it out, you can find it Here! It consists of the first 3 tutorials and the first mission of the endless mode. It's still a very much an early build, we hope you'll work with us in making it as great as possible.

We're also planning to do our first early access build to people who've pre-ordered the game by the end of April. This build will be updated once every 2 weeks (not including bug fixes which may be more frequent). Updates relevant to the demo will be added to that as well.

The main addition we've made since we last updated you are in adding the first pass of the tutorial levels. We've planned out a 6 part tutorial that covers all elements of the game, of which we've finished the first 3. The rest should be included in the next demo update. The three finished levels cover: basics of item usage, using tactical systems and using critical systems. The three left to do are: Ship repairs and upgrades, basics of power and advanced power.

We've also changed how the engines work. They still need a full overhaul to make them more interesting, but this should work till thats done. The effectiveness of the system is no longer dependent on power, but more power recieved reduces the amount of durability damage it takes. So sending it more power makes the system safer. This means that race objectives are doable in the early game, but will require a lot of maintenence or rewiring.

Last but not least, we've also been working on the never ending quest that is balance. The main thing you'll notice is that the shields no longer reboot by themselves. This means that you have to reboot them every time they go down making it more likely you'll take hits to the hull.

Thanks for reading, we'll keep you posted!

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