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Different graphics proposals of changed colour scheme for environments.

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Environment graphics

Dev Diary 01

Hi guys!

We want to keep you in loop about what we are currently working on in Elfscape:Ancestors.

Today’s update will be from our graphics section.

Levels in Elfscape are divided into 6 environments and each environment has its own theme. They differ in colour and design. However, 3 of the environments are greenish in colour.

original green colour scheme (green 1)original green colour scheme (green 1)

other 2 green environments (green 2, green 3)

other 2 green environments (green 2)other 2 green environments (green 3)

Because of optimisation of level difficulty, we had to change the order of the environments - which left us with 2 greenish environments next to each other (green 1 and green 3). And that’s a problem. So then Kika, our main animator, tested out different colour schemes. She tried to keep the spirit of the level and simultaneously change the colour to something new. Take a look at some of the proposals.

blue and green colour scheme - not enough change, still too green
Blue and green colour scheme

yellow colour scheme - we felt this one wasn't the "right one"
yellow colour scheme

burgundy colour scheme - problem, because next level is red
burgundy colour scheme

the other red level
red level

greyish-green colour scheme - we felt this one wasn't the "right one"
greyish-green colour scheme

The winning colour scheme is purple and green (similar to the colour of a robot from your favourite anime, Get in the f***ing robot Shinji!).

winning colour scheme - purple and green

purple and green colour scheme

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