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Post news RSS Dev Diary #8 Patch v0.2.6 Released!

This dev diary covers the launch of Patch V0.2.6!

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With the launch of our Private Alpha Demo, we plan to release mroe and more content to that demo as we update the game! SO for your private Alpha players, here is a list of whats new, also! A download link will be available on our Facebook page, AND our site, (it will also be emailed to you) Remember, this is a patcher not the full game install!


  • Implemented Health System
    • Monsters now decrease health instead of 1 hit 1 kill
    • Implemented Random Damage Variable
  • Updated Tutorial
    • Changed settings
    • Added ability to skip tutorial
  • Fixed Monster in "Dream"
    • Monster now moves for cut scene
  • Added several new items
    • "First Aid Kit" added - 100% health recovery
    • "Essence" Added - Increases EACH Parameter by 1
    • Anti-Depressant Added - Moves Depression by 1
  • Increased Monster speed to normal
    • With Health system working, monster will move at normal speeds
  • Fixed a Hide bug in Home
    • Player would sometimes get stuck
    • Sound Error would occur, causing sound to repeat rapidly <-- Still happens
    • No Animation(Yet)
    • This Bug still exists...
  • A Bunch of newly Scripted map interactions
    • Attacked Room 100% Scripted
    • Castle Town "Dream Town" - More interactions added
    • Updated Home Interactions adn added more
    • Added more Interactions to home 1st floor
    • Updated The Lighting for Home 1st floor (Horror)
    • Updated Church interactions
  • Several new Map updates: WARNING! If you saved in any of the below maps your save MAY be corrupted!
    • Church
      • Reworked the 1st church floor scenery
      • Church 2nd Floor Scenery update
        • Started scripting several new interactions
    • Castle Town
      • Updated several Buildings
        • The buildings will unlock through story progression
    • Home 1st Floor
      • Scripted MANY more interactions
      • Several new scenic items added
    • Home 1st Floor (Horror)
      • Updated the lighting
    • Dream (Horror)
      • Scripted several new interactions
  • Added the 1st new Interactive Cut Scene
    • Life or Death style Cut scene
    • Only uses one button but it's a start
  • Updated A lot of Sound
    • A lot of sound added
    • New BGM added
    • Sound tweaked on several maps
    • New Ambiance added
  • Bug Fix: Users can now access their inventory
  • Bug Fix: Tutorial Script now exits when No is selected
  • New Bug: Flashlight Disappeared on main map
  • New Bug: Tutorial Light system Selection Only works for Flash Light, Or might be broken!


Thanks for reading!
Do you want to be apart of Alpha? ITS NOT TO LATE! Sign ups are still open on our site! Head over there and check it out!

  • Our Facebook: Facebook.com
  • Our Site: Skylineinteractive.org
  • Edit: I have made the download instantaneous (I hope) if you don't receive an access code and a download in a confirmation message, please PM me on here or comment on our site!

Remember: Post all bugs and other things on our site! We take ideas, suggestions, comments Everywhere but BUGS please report them on our site! Thanks again! And Enjoy!
~Skyline Interactive Team

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