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Post news RSS Dev Diary #5. - Rewarding researches

As I mentioned before, we are doing a few researches to make the game somehow realistic.

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This involves historical knowledge, for example, what kind of weapons should we use in the game, and all of their advantages/disadvantages. We need this because not only for realistic, but authentic combat and environment.

Here is a specific example:
We don't want that you walk in a dungeon in the 1200's and you get attacked by a skeleton with a flamethrower. Well, maybe that was a bit too harsh example. It would be cool though, but you get it.

We don't want to create something TOO unrealistic.
Skeletons, minotaurs and dark demons will hit push surrealism-limit to the max.

It seems I keep confuting myself all the time...

We'll put a lot of work in parts we think are important. Such as items, combat, logical games, environments and last but not least, cooperation.

Dev image (No, we are still looking for a concept artist, this my own creature)

And another one:

Early Alpha Dev.5

So yeah, we are working on stuff in the background! :)

Thou shall join us!

See our Available Jobs Page if you would like to join the development of the game!

See our Steam Greenlight Page and please rate the game if you like the concept :)

Also stay tuned for updates!

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