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Post news RSS Dev. Diary #29 - Updates, upcoming demo & IndieGOGO. We need your feedback!

Learn about the upcoming demo and IndieGOGO campaign for 3:00am Dead Time as well as the many updates since our last article.

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Welcome to a new dev. diary for 3:00am Dead Time. It's been a while since the last article, but we are finally finishing the development of the demo. It took us long, it has a significant amount of content despite being an Alpha demo, and many features to give you an idea of what to expect from the full game. But we don't want you to just read what the game is about, when you can see it for yourself.

And the Spanish version

During the last month of development a lot of new content has been added.

  • A full AI has been coded for the creatures, some paranormal events, weather control, etc.
  • We have added a great amount of objects that serve as pieces for the story.
  • New creatures and props, including dozens of new animations for the creatures.
  • Completely revamped the graphics and the detail of the whole scene
  • New, better animations for the character
  • The ability to take pictures inside the game using the character's smartphone.
  • Basic audio recording capabilities (again, using the in-game smartphone)
  • A fully fledged inventory system
  • Collectibles
  • The menus, transitions, some cutscenes.
  • New paranormal events.
  • Settings menus.
  • Localization to Spanish
  • Heavy optimization fixes (custom made occlusion culling, lights and shadows handling, better and improved shaders)
  • Started work on the loading screens.
  • Death animations for both first and third person views, as well as ragdoll physics.
  • Mood manager, to control the atmosphere, sound and lighting, as well as the character's behavior.
  • We started the work on the scenery and models for the next 3 levels (for the full game) as well as some of the new characters.
  • Several bug fixes (it is an Alpha version, but you still deserve a demo with as few bugs as possible)

Besides all the many, many hours of work we've put into the game's development this past months, we have been also starting to prepare r the release of the demo, and all the big and very important steps to take for the rest of the development process, mainly, how to get the funds we need so much, to improve the game, add all the content we have planned, and speed up the whole workflow.

Irreverent Software is a very, very small team of developers, with only 4 members. This project has been a lot of fun to develop, but also a huge amount of work, spending all the weekends, vacations and every moment of free time making progress as fast as we can. Many times, we've spent 16, 18 or more hours working non stop, several days in a row. Now that we are approaching the release of the demo, we are proud of the results we are getting, and looking forward to letting you see and play our game.

But we will need your help to make this project a reality, as we have planned it from the start. To give it the quality and content that you deserve.

Because of that, we are designing right now an IndieGOGO campaign that will be launched at the sime time as the demo, in a few days, along with moving the project from an early development concept on Steam, to the formal Steam Greenlight, and a future Steam Early Access.

Our next article will be to launch the IndieGOGO campaign and the demo. We thank you all for your support during all this, and get ready for a lot more of 3:00am Dead Time. Please remember to leave your feedback below, we really want to hear all your thoughts about the game :)

Thanks for reading!

The Irreverent Software Team

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