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Post news RSS Dev Diary #11 Were Still here!

We're still here, here's an apology for our lack of posts, and our reasons why, along with our progress!

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What's been happening, what we've done, and a request for help:
Hello everyone! It's been a while since we posted last and we really do apologize, it's been a rough month for us with being busy and all. However, we have not forgotten about the game! First off I would like to post this:
We are in desperate need for 2D animator(s) to draw, work, and obviously animate 2D sprites, objects, and other items within the game itself. If you yourself or know anyone with these abilities please contact me Via one of these emails: d.hershman@skylineinteractive.org or Applications@skylineinteractive.org This is our current TOP priority as without an animator the game is extremely clunky and very unfriendly user wise. This is why we have been lacking in the area of progress, as it's hard to progress with something you don't know how to do ha!

Anywho on to updates:
New Stuff:

    • 8-Way Movement Introduced
      • Players can now move in a diagonal direction!
      • Sometimes ill responsive (Working on the kinks)
    • New Artwork Added Game side
    • Item Balancing
      • Parameter potions fixed
      • Finish Courage Potion
      • Added "Tea"
        • Tea used for Sanity Parameter
        • Increases Sanity by 1 notch
    • Updated The Start up Screen
      • New Title Artwork
      • New Menu Scheme
    • Updated Journal System
    • Added "Doctors Notes" Concept into Scripting
      • Doctors Notes Concept introduced
      • 1st Script Finished
      • Secrets tweaked
    • Started working on our First Easter Egg!
    • Main City (Gandermen) Updated:
      • About 40% complete
      • Not much detail filled in
      • New buildings added
    • Church(2nd floor inside) Update
      • Updated Scripting
      • New Item Add Scripts
      • New Interactions
    • Little Story Progression
      • Waiting for Main Map
      • Waiting for animation
    • Added over 10,000 new icons into the game
      • A huge collage of icons by many different artists
      • Should make life a bit easier.
    • Added more music and sound
    • Added the ability for us to create "Stepping" sounds
      • Still quiet buggy
      • May or may not be useful in the future

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Anti-depressant Glitching out the parameters
  • Fixed bug on starter map during tutorial run through
  • Fixed Journal bug for not displaying in proper sections
  • Fixed Icon bugs for many items
  • Fixed Movement bugs (fixed by the 8 way movement implementation)
  • Fixed music and BGS not playing bugs
  • Fixed several Ambiance not stopping when adjusting volume
  • Fixed the Menu system reverting to the old scheme instead of the Ring Menu
  • Fixed "Mana" bars displaying in several menu options
  • Fixed a game crash by mana based items being added to the inventory
  • Fixed Not being able to move back to your last location when entering other locations
  • Fixed Church Main door bug sometimes staying open and being unenterable
  • Fixed walkable tiles that should have been un-walkable
  • Fixed light sometimes shining overtop rooftops
  • Fixed light overshadowing the monsters in game causing them to go invisible

Image by: Cake Freak

Not the largest of updates but we are trying! Progress is hard when you lack support and memebers! Thanks for sticking with us though! Until next time, Skyline Interactive Team.

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