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Changed two skills, weapon and monsters behavior. Modified minimap and some gui.

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1. VACUUM BOMB. All enemys in radius move to centre. If collide with wall or terrain get damage and stun. More speed - more damage and stun time.
2. TELEPORT SHOT. add debuff "SLOW" and tower aggro.
3. Neutral monsters: when character hit monster he regenerate part of health and energy.
when health of monster < 20% he always show on mini map. After kill monster from him drop two runes of random skills and
spawn new wave of friendly creeps.
4. minimap: color of icon equal color of player nickname. control character have yellow arrow and more bright icon.
5. GUI help control and skills.
6. mini icons of debuffs.
7. draw bar of current health under value of get damge.
8. shoot down the bullet due to mana if the primary weapon is still in cooldown.
9. team chat - ENTER, global - SHIFT ENTER. When a message arrives chat shows and after a time hiding.
10. time in game and in chat messages.
11. when deny friendly player - show exclamation point and chat message.

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