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Biped gives the players a large degree of freedom when it comes to what they do while they try to solve the puzzles to complete the level. With that in mind, we decided to dedicate our second dev diary to how players can goof around while playing Biped!

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Hello everyone and welcome to the second developer diary for Biped!

For our second developer diary, we decided to go for a slightly more unconventional approach. Normally, dev diaries tend to look at how certain game mechanics work, how the developers coded them in, or are used to give their communities a progress update. Of course, there are many other topics as well, these are just what we think are the most common, but what they all seem to lack is a bit of light-hearted fun!

So, we’re going to break with dev diary traditions and look at how you can goof around and have fun while playing Biped!

Before we begin, if you do not know much about the game, please check out our launch day announcement for a general overview of the game, and our first developer diary if you want to learn how movement works in our game!

Now, without further ado, let’s have some fun!

Goofing Around!

As a game with a very clear objective, you may be forgiven for wondering how you can ‘goof around’. However, if you play Biped in CoOp mode (and to a lesser extend Single Player mode) you will quickly find that you are given the freedom to do quite a lot of 'unconventional' things!

Playing With Carrots

Yes, you read that title correctly. Carrots are an in-game item that at first may not look like much, but with a bit of coordination with your CoOp partner, you could have some 'unintentional' fun!

If you happen to find one the first thing that you should do is pick it out of the ground to get some gold. However, after being picked the carrot won't vanish, it will remain in the game as a regular object that you can pick up. This gives you and your partner quite a few opportunities to do some more unconventional things with it.

Sure you can be boring and ignore them or throw them off the map but you can do other things such as:

  • Starting a Tug of War to see who gets to keep the prize (now useless) carrot.
  • Use the game physics to see who can throw a carrot the furthest!
    Spin your Biped around and release the carrot - if you time this well it will fly quite some distance. But if you hit something on the spin, or if you release it at a wrong time...it won't travel that far!

High Fiving

This one is purely for player satisfaction as they don't get anything out of it (in the game). However, setting up a perfect high five like what we did in our carrot video is not that easy. It takes a lot of time, as well as careful coordination, to get the distance and timing just right in order to get the perfect Biped High Five!

Gold and Stars

Though these are actual items to get in the game, they’re not mandatory so it’s not uncommon for the more serious players to forget about them!

However, if you and your partner are more adventurous you will find several locations with gold and stars that you don’t have to visit, but are much more fun if you do!

Take this for example! The gold star was well out of our way, but for the sake of fun, we went for it. The levels where you are tethered to the other player do make things much more interesting - at least that’s what we think!

Even though we encourage you to have fun, do keep in mind that CoOp mode means that you’re playing with a partner so be sure to keep their feelings in your consideration.

Remember, there are good ideas and bad ideas for everything!

CoOp games tend to give you a lot of freedom in what you can do, and biped is no different. What would you do to have fun in such a game?

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