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Hello readers and welcome to our first IndieDB article. We want to inform you that the game we are building is going smoothly and in order to bring you a better look on what we are actually working on, we decided to write about the game in a dev blog that is posted on social media and our own site. Thank you for reading and best wishes! Tom "Squared" Stam

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(Content taken from our official blog)

Welcome to the official Embassy Studios development blog! Here you can expect to see updates about the games that we are working on and also get to meet our team! In this post I will be talking about how the group came into existence, who are the people in the group and also share some information about the game that we are currently working on! So stay tuned!

First of all a small history lesson about how our team was born and how we came to be who we are. It all started when our leader and manager Luciano, posted a job ad for a game development group. The ad drew many people's interest, and so he gave birth to a small group of five people. After a few days we came to grow as a team and we found each other's likings and opinions as we mixed up our ideas about the game we would create. Even though we had a few ups and downs, we didn't give up and Luciano brought more people into our team who were the very best choice out of the whole bunch of applicants that wanted to join!

So who are these people who work to bring you guys, the players, a new game?

Luciano is our manager and website creator. All ideas pass through him, and as mentioned above he was the one who brought us all together! Also, he is actively working on recruiting new, ambitious people, as well as on improving every aspect of our own website while bringing attention to our group through social media!

Marek is the second person I will be talking about. He is designing the game's environment, knows code and is actively involved in the game's progression! Along with his and many more ideas, we settled upon the story and the genre of the game.

Mangananga is another member of our group, he actively works along with Squared on story writing and comes up with new ideas and mechanics that can be implemented to immerse the player and bring him a beautiful experience!

John Reid is another person working in the group that I'll talk about. He is an all-around 3D artist capable of modeling, making concept art and some 2D art as well. He is actively working along with Marek and Cosmin on the game's art, design and general development!

Cosmin (Or the Meme Guy), is our group's programmer/coder and he is responsible for implementing the gameplay mechanics into the game, making it possible for you, the players, to enjoy it to your heart's content! He, along with Marek and John, is working on the game's development and actively makes progress towards our goal! He is also bringing his own funny flair to cheer up the group with his memes!

Lastly, Squared the writer of this blog. I am a story writer in Embassy Studios and work with Manga on the game's story, striving for a great magnetizing tale that will immerse the player in our world and bring him a beautiful experience through our characters and storyline!

So finally, I'll talk about the upcoming game ! It's a 2.5D stealth/ shooter platformer game that takes place in Africa in 1879. The game is focused around two protagonists set in opposite sides. Their story through conflict, revelations and ambitions will aim to show you guys a spherical view on war and the motive of each individual in the battlefield. One protagonist is a bow wielding tribesman who seeks vengeance and the other one is a British soldier who uses his musket to end the war and return to his beloved family. I can't really release a lot of info because I want you guys to be waiting for future updates! :P

So till the next update, I bid you farewell! I hope you follow our group and stay tuned because there is more stuff coming out!

Thanks for reading and best wishes to ya all !

Tom "Squared" Stam

For future updates and to give feedback and learn more about the game, check out our website : www.embassystudios.ml and our facebook page Facebook.com along with our blog at www.embassystudios.ml/blog/index.php

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