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Development blog for Rubik's Cubot version alpha.

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What's New:

Bugs Fixed:

  • UI now can be adjusted respect to different resolution and screen size
  • Cube now does not have gaps between tiles.
  • Rotatable layer highlight indication now function properly
  • Player movement function properly with keyboard now. Player no longer walk out in or out of cube during rotation
  • Pause menu is fixed in the build

New Features:

  • Transition cube between levels
  • Map overview between
  • New instruction layout design
  • Controller supported. (currently only Playstation4 controller supported)
  • New level 2
  • New level 3
  • Redesigned tutorial level 1
  • New decoration in all three levels
  • Key lock tile
  • teleportation tile
  • peek mode new UI design
  • Battery life for rotation moves


Since our last play testing session, we have been thinking about how to provide a non-repetitive puzzle experience to users instead of just a sequence of individual cubes. To have a non-linear puzzle solving experience, we needed to introduce new mechanisms into the game in order to make a few new combinations. After thorough discussion, we decided to implement key/lock and teleportation tiles. The reason is that our cube puzzle can have infinite solutions to the problem, so in order to increase difficulty, we need to force the player to reach some intermediary goals along the way to the final goal. Key/lock will force player to unlock the lock first by reaching key tile and then proceed with the puzzle. Now there are interactive tile in the game to make things little bit more interesting. But it is still somewhere linear during the puzzle line. Thus, adding teleportation tile enabled us to move player around and make them appear on different cubes without prior knowledge. Then they will engage more with the puzzle to memorize previous game details.

We also thought about how to add more juice into the game. First one is making the level a lot broader with two paths: easy and difficult. Player may naturally select the easy one and they can try the harder one by wondering why there is another path without a direct connection. Second juicy part is our level transition. We had a great functionality where cube will move away with a specific sign on top of the cube. We decided to make it part of theme that carries the player to the next level for further adventure. Another feature we added into game is map overview at the beginning of each level. To make player clear of their goal and facilitate guidance, the camera will show the overview of the game at first so they will understand where to go at very beginning. Last part we added in the game is two floating cube. It then allows player to observe their path from very high point without interfering their current puzzle.

What's next:

We are planning to make more levels which incorporate more mechanisms into a set of cubes. i.e. a combination puzzle where player needs to go back and forth between cubes to solve the puzzle. We also want to make the instruction with better aesthetic, ideally animation and sound (voice over). We also want to introduce electric tiles where connecting certain tiles will enable certain triggers.

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