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Talking about possible DevBlogs in this update for Lost on a Boat.

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Hey Folks, TeamWubstep Here.

I thought I'd post an Article here to mention that we are going to start doing weekly DevBlogs so you guys so exactly what to expect when the Alpha launch at the end of the month.

The DevBlogs will be posted every Friday and they will list all the changes and additions to the game from last weeks post, It won't include everything because we will want to keep some surprises for when the game launches, but we want to make sure people know what is going to be in the game at "Launch".

The times of the updates will vary because of my job, but i will try to keep consistent at updating.

So with that being said, If the update isn't out tomorrow (Friday 14th oh geez) then it'll be out the following Friday.

Thanks for Reading and until the next update.


Alpha out October 31st 2016

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