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Some more stuff that is kind of interesting this week, with plenty more planned for next week.

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So this week I added dust when the player hits the ground.


You're welcome.

Aside from that masterpiece of a gif, I added cool screenshake to the bombs, bigger bullets, and like actual variables in the console. As for the bombs, I didn't realize I never gave them screenshake. They're bombs, what was I doing? Anyway, it's not the same shake as the guns, its much different.


And for the bullets


The bullets are bigger because this is a pixel art game, they shouldn't be tiny...

As for the console, when I add a command, I have to make a separate script to parse it. (I designed it that way, so it's much easier.) That is a problem when you want to set a number of variables, since I don't want to make a script for each of the like 20 (global) variables I want the console to have access to. So I just made two (fake) operators: ? and =. ? displays the value of a variable, = sets the value of one.


And just because you guys are cool, you can see this one too.


Just for the record, the command = actually works like "= variableName value", not "variableName = value" because that would require me to actually rework the console string parser, and I don't really want to.

Anyway, that's it for this week, next week I have some cool stuff planned.

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