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The entirety of this week has been focused on tackling the issue of AI.

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Before this week's AI update, enemies without guns would wander back and forth, then when they got shot they would switch to the behaviour of an armed enemy; which is to chase the player and if they had a gun, shoot them. Even though this system was alright and as far as the genre goes, standard, I want a little more out of my guys. So now the enemies all act under the same system/code, but they have different traits like territorial-ness and hostility, so they all behave different. I made a text file to plan out the AI behaviour, and I'm not about to write like 5 paragraphs explaining it all, so if you want to read it, just go here. (Sorry for spelling errors or anything, I made it for myself.)

Anyway, the AI isn't done, but it certainly isn't so rough that I can't show it off.


In this gif, you can see this frog marching back and forth in his area. Frogs are territorial, and that circle marks the area in which he will defend. Since he is territorial, he won't leave his area. He also won't fall off the edge.

Mad Slime

For some reason computer was super laggy for this gif, but we'll call it slow motion. You also get a glance at the enemy debug info... That won't be in the final game so don't get your hopes up. But slimes are hostile, so there is no area they defend, they'll just attack you if you go near them.


And here is the only thing I did this week not related to AI: god mode. I don't know if I showed that off last week, but the big enemies are now fixed as you can see by that frog.

I would go into detail with these enemies, but if you really want to know, read the file I linked at the top.

Have a nice weekend!

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