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Dev-Blog #5 - Groupees - General Polishing - Shader Overhaul finished

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Last month there was no seperate Dev-Blog because i had less time to work on the game than i wanted to. So this weeks Dev-Blog features the last 4 weeks. Also because of a new daytime job i will post new dev-blogs whenever there is enough to say. Follow this greenlight campaign to stay tuned!

The biggest news first: Typing with Jester is on Groupees Build a Greenlight Bundle 45!
Buy the bundle here and support the game's development.
The DRM-Free version on groupees will be updated until the game hits steam. Every groupees owner will receive a Steamkey once available!

I added a pause menu and the option to return to the level, restart it or go back to the stage selection or the main menu. Adjusting the volume will be implemented with the next patch!

So first the new Color Select UI was improved, new sprites were added to display various keys.
Those will be implemented whenever i find a suitable place. Also 11 preset themes are finished.
Minor changes can happen but overall i found 11 shades i like.

The custom color editor is still a work in progress, but it improved quite alot.

Players will be able to make and save their own preset.
Once the game is available on Steam those color themes can be shared via the Steam Workshop!
Those custom Palettes will be displayed with it's name and the author's name.

The Workshop will also be used for user dictionarys, but that's for a way later version.

On the gameplay side the ability to change enemys was added, if you started typing one enemys word and want to switch to another enemy,
you simply have to press the backspace button to clear your current word, and then you can start typing whatever enemy's word you want to.
But you will lose the points for the letters you typed already, because otherwise it would be pretty easy to abuse this system and gain massive highscores.

Also ~200 new words were added for the english and german dictionary.

A knowledge system was implemented that shows useful information on the main menu, right now theres just 1 tip. The main menu and the options will be overhauled very soon.

It's still a long road to go but im looking forward to the next Dev-Blog.

Stay tuned touch typists!

Right now the current version is 0.1.19, there will be a few more 0.1.x versions until the dictionary is completed.

If you want to support us please vote on Steam Greenlight via Tinyurl.com

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