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Giving a quick update, explaining how the fighting animations used to work, how they will now work, and a fun video of a camp fire.

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Hello again!

As of this article, there is a new video and image. I wanted to talk about why these are here.

The image is rather creepy, don't you think? I've been working on re-doing the animations for Nortathon's arm. Originally, weapons were simply attached to his hand and moved with the arm. This was fine for testing since I had a slashing effect light up to actually register a hit. I wasn't worried about how it looked at that stage..... but it did suck visually.

With the current sprite, the arm and weapon are the same sprite and there isn't a slash effect. The sword and arm will now move the necessary arc in order to attack (which is great. It looks much more animated and alive even though Nortathon's arm is a bit.... scrawny.)

The video that I posted is simply Nortathon raving by a fire. I've been working on making more animated features for the background to give life to the world.

Thanks for stopping by and giving this a read. Consider tracking if you'd like to stay updated.

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