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Dev Blog about Aterweald II - News, screenshots, progress, etc.

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My name is Kaloyan Marinoff and I am from Bulgaria. I am 17 years old and I've been programming for over 6 years now (well the first couple of years are hardly defined as "programming" but still).
Recently I've dedicated myself to game development because I think I have a slightly different understanding for games. I believe that video games are art. Therefore I value well designed games, immersive atmospheres and good stories.
I am starting this Dev Blog to update you with everything that happens around my current project Aterweald II. I will try to make those at least once a week but I will surely make small updates between the Dev Blogs.
If you haven't seen Aterweald II's previous posts, please go and check them so you can keep up with the game progress.

Aterweald II will be split in chapters.
Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are already finished and currently I am working on Chapter 3.
In Chapter 1, the secondary character in the game introduces the player to the game environment, atmosphere and story.
After that, in Chapter 2, the player is introduced to the game mechanics and also to the main character - Matilda.
Chapter 3 is the moment when the main character is actually engaging on the adventure.
I plan to finish the chapter until the end of the week and I will update you with more screenshots soon.

Here's a screenshot from chapter III

Here's a screenshot from prototyping the journal feature (Check below)

Link for a full sized images:

I am currently developing a new feature which will be included in the game.
It's a new innovative way to narrate the game's story.
It's a journal (diary) which the player can access all the time and it will be automatically
updated, reflecting player's actions.
Think of Stanley Parable's narration, it is similar but it is in text form.
I am putting a lot of effort into making this feature decent and I believe it will turn out really good.
Most probably I will write a whole new post describing the feature.

Here's a link to the project's blog where I post news earlier and usually more detailed:

I am planing to focus my work on the story progress mostly. Once I finish a couple more chapters I will most likely record a gameplay video but in the meantime I will provide you with screenshots, information, etc.
Also I will try to draw more concept art for you to understand the game.

See ya and happy holidays!

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