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This Dev Blog is the first of many which will show of what has happened in the game since the last one. These are a great way to see how the game is doing and video version will be made and put on YouTube when the game has more to show.

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Dev Blog #1


Grass Model

This is the model for the new grass.

The model works fine now, but i'm sure in real game (the real game will have a

much larger world then the test world) it could start to create allot of lag. I will need to look into

ways of optimizing it but for now it works and looks great.Grass in game

(Image of the grass in game)

The screen shot also shows the other new bit of scenery, the bush.

Although you can't see it in the screen shot, the bush has different points

located on the around its surface. These points will have small berry's that will grow

on the outside. That feature is still being worked on and isn't high on the list.


I have found a free tree chopping sound online. I can't show you the sound as this isn't a

video but I can tell you it isn't very good. It would be great if somebody could either

create or direct me towards getting this sound. If you do make the sound, I will not be paying

you any money and you will not be making any as this game is going to be free, you will

however be credited and thanked.

So what has been done in the game?

So far? Not much. The main things in the game are the models (Hatchet, tree, etc) however, some

simple game play things have been added. As the video already on this site shows, there is

a custom scripted character movement (Unity's built in character movement script is what

I like, also custom is easier to change). The video didn't show the exciting feature of tree chopping.

At the moment all it does is destroy a tree after a few hits (with animations and sound), but that is it.

Beside moving around and chopping trees, the game is very empty.

Plan for Alpha release

The features being worked on at the moment are:

-Day and night cycles

-Simple weather


-Simple UNet lan (Laying the ground work for non-lan multiplayer)

-Low poly character model

-More low poly assets

-New sounds

-A world for the game (Main level)

-Dungeons and building interiors (Sub levels)

-Custom launcher

-Steam integration (If I feel it is worth putting of steam greenlight)

What to expect next?

The next dev blog will show you new items and the basics of the games inventory system,

along with a YouTube video to show you what they are like in game. When this dev blog comes out

I do not know as I am rather new to unity and these things could take from 1 day to 1 week. I will make sure however to post a video to YouTube showing off all of the features in the game by next week.

Well that is all in this Dev Blog, I would have liked to have shown of more but its all unfinished.

If you want to keep up to date then make sure to watch this game.


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