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DESTROY ALL GUNS: It's the 80's. The city is attacked with a biological weapon that makes everyone go gun crazy and it's up to two cops to stop them. Granted special permission by the mayor, the chief of police orders our heroes to destroy all guns..."by any means necessary".

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I've been working on D.A.G for 1 month now and thought I would share some progress. I've been working on the title screen animation which was modeled and animated in blender and the menu screens were all done in photoshop.

and a test animation for some of the menu screens...

programming the menu headings to be selected with a mouse was pretty easy but then things got tricky when trying to use a gamepad to do the selecting. The D-pad worked easily but the joystick movement was too fast. 8 hours later and the problem was solved.

I chose Construct2 as the game engine for now because I can do all the work myself to come up with a working demo to either take to kickstarter so I can hire a programmer. Right now the game is going to be a sidescrolling shooter and it will be pseudo-2.5D until I can get a programmer who can make it into a real 2.5D game.

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