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Some of our artistic choices about the environment of Atomine.

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Dev Blog #1 - White & Walls

The main challenge in the creation of the world of Atomine, was to represent the virtual world with phisical elements in a possible new way.

We try to get rid of the Tron concept: Black, glossy and neon colors and follow more the ambitious vision of Super Hot (SUPERHOT Team ) and Mirror's Edge (DICE ), White with a minimalist art style.


Our final choice was to use a matt White as main color, Red for Enemies and Green for the Player.

Atomine - White

The next big decision was HOW to rapresent the elements that shape the world, at first we decided for a game area without walls. Soon after we added the walls to create a better game experience and make a greater variety of game situations.

Atomine - White Wall

The game was far away from the fresh look we were looking for, so we decided to add more "volume" to the environment.

The best way to achieve that was to add ambient occlusion color and a soft vignette and chromatic aberration.

Atomine - Walls

What do you think?

Atomine - Golden Walls

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