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Hey folks, there is a new blog post for our game! Check the update and leave a comment. ;)

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[Dev Blog #1] Update v0.4.2 is here!

Hey folks! The first update of our game is now out. Look at the different changes and leave a comment. ;)

  • Added the actual MAIN MENU with level selection and access to the shop. More game modes to come.
  • Added GEMS MONEY. You can earn gems by playing the 1st level when collecting little crystals.
  • Added the SHOP. You now have to buy your weapons with your gems. You can also buy passive skills to customize your ship's stats (defense, attack, speed).
  • Added the DEFENSE SYSTEM. If you chose to add defense points with your passive skill, you'll get shields that are represented at the top of the screen, and each one protects you form 1 hit.
  • Added visual feedback for when dodging is available, when close to an enemy.
  • The power of the WARP LAUNCHER has been increased. You can now concentrate your shots and release chaos when they explode ! But this also applies to enemies' shots, so be careful !
  • Improved the level design (spline and enemy waves).
  • Presumably fixed an issue when June was replaced with a white square when she was talking.
  • Presumably fixed an issue where the game crashed when you restarted or returned to the main menu.

Known issues :

  • In the shop, the explanation video of the ice shield isn't visible.

Please let us know if you encounter these issues again and send us the logs if you encounter any crash.

If you can and know how to use Shadowplay (or other recording software), your game footage can be really helpful to demonstrate bugs ! If you find any, don't hesitate to send us a video with a short explanation of the type and the time of the issue.

The playlist of the game's soundtrack is now out on :

Check out the game on Itch.io here

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