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Brief overview of the various portals you will find, and what makes this game unique and challenging to play.

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There are several types of portals you will be forced to deal with inside the NightMaze. While they all share the same appearance they work very differently.

  • Simple Portal - These portals work by just touching them. They could move you forward or backwards.
  • Looping Portal - These portals require you to enter them several times to build up their power for the teleport. As you charge them up though they will send you to a location as their power and control isn't strong enough yet to portal you to their intended location.
  • Wait Portal - These portals require you to show your patience by making you wait. Be warned though sometimes waiting for these portals to fire could be a horrible decision on your part.
  • Input Portal - These portals require you to enter an input. There are two options. Option 1: press the 1 key. Option 2: press the 2 key. There tends to be no rhyme or reason behind which input should be entered. Choose wisely or pay the price.

The combination of all of these portal types creates a deep and troubling challenge for you to solve. Only the strongest of mind will make it through.

There are more portals in the work to further the challenge but for now the base set of portals will prove challenging enough.

Right now the focus is on adding more maze sections to progress / run through. Some work on the look and feel are being improved on as well.

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