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Lands of Noth are home to six factions and all kind of folk. At the present, its lands are threatened by an emergent faction of invaders, called as "Marchial" - from east. To north, clans of Jgornard keeps a silent presence dwelled in minning, smithing, worshipping to the gods and studying ancient texts. To south, Moola also keeps itself out of the events that are happening in midlands.

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      • Main Storyline
      • New Quests
      • Rolling Forward
      • Hundreds of new dialogs - Listen the tales of legends!
      • Reputation system - Rise in the ranks of factions!
      • Cinematics - You will encounter cinematics as the story is unfolded!
      • New factions- New world, filled with new cultures.
      • Unique parties - Beat down unique parties and bosses!
      • Many unique locations to interact with.
      • Daily quests.
      • Teleport stones.
      • Artifacts with unique functionalities
      • New war system - Factions react to each other, building war camps and sending new parties that has their own behaviors
      • Excavations - Help Moolan defend its excavations as they unravel their ancient lands!
      • Bushes - Hide in bushes in world map!
      • Prisoner camps - Assault prisoner camps to rescue heroes and troops that will aid you or an allied faction.
      • Discovery - World is fogged, explore the world to relieve the fog!
      • Minor battle features - Critical strike, agent speed increases after a successful hit.
      • Taunting
      • Revamped faction locations.
      • Outposts - Claim outposts to build farms and wells. Farms will generate income for you.
      • Victory goals - Finish the game as you achieve goals.
      • New world map.
      • New items.
      • Hunting - Catch animals on world map by going near to them then access to your hunting bag with X key to get spoils.
      • Many many new enemy parties for player to fight.
      • New creatures such as undead and golem.
      • Terrain-based party speeds.
      • Earn denars by killing enemies in battlefield!
      • New troop trees!
      • Buy soldiers from barracks captains!
      • Join in ambushes of Rebellions.
      • Get quests from same lord even though you have already one.
      • Hundreds of new dialogs.
      • Deep lore.
      • Set sail on seas from docks!
      • Catch fishes on sea.
      • Mercenary camps - Buy mercenaries from 3 different leagues.
      • NPC details above their heads - Learn their level, name and troop type if you have enough spotting skill!
      • Buffs and Debuffs - Certain NPCs will boost allies around them with damage, hp and defense.
      • Pinning - Pin any party on map to track them down.
      • Lords have hundreds of troops.
      • Unique troops - Redsabers with hundreds of HP and fast speed, Druids that heal their allies, Templeri that AOE enemies...
      • HP regeneration - Your HP will get regenerated..
      • New artworks
      • New music
      • New companions and system
      • New animations
      • New character creation system.

and...many other things I cannot remember at the moment


Tried it out. Great mod with great potential. I do ask however that more options be given for character selection and that more banners are included for us to selection. Other than that, keep up the good work

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does it feel like early alpha or is it quite playable? would be nice to try something other than pendor for the 100th time! :)

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True, I just spent the last week trying Age of Arthur, great potential but still to many bugs, finally kept crashing on loading save so I started looking for something more stable

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EfeKaracar Author

Most bugs are fixed in 0.3 - mod will get more stable by time passes.

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