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The Adventure Apes doesn't meet the game play or quality requirements to be hosted on Desura, so help me out by suggesting ways that I can improve it!

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A little bit of bad news for the game; the submission request to Desura was turned down the other day. I was told that game play and quality don't meet the standards required, and that there are dozens of other games already like it on the site.

Without going on a rant about how much of a bummer that statement is, I want to focus on making the game fun and enjoyable, and something that YOU want to see on Desura! I've worked really hard on this game and am proud of how it's turned out so far, but my opinion is biased of course. So, I would really like to get everyone's opinions on the game, good and bad, and any suggestions that you have to make it a better experience for players.

I know, it's a tall order to expect everyone who reads this to give the game a try, let alone take the time to give their two cents on it, but if one kind soul will offer up their thoughts, perhaps one more will, then one more, and so on :)

Everything helps towards making the Adventure Apes the best it can be!


You can add even more stuff and re-submit it to Desura staff. The Desura team seems to reject platformer games maybe because a way too many of them are already on Desura.

Would be nice to see:
1) secret levels or something related
2) more types of the same opponents
3) more bosses and/or minibosses
4) not just treasure chest, secret huge treasure locations!
5) even deeper, abyssal underground levels (something scary for a change)

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ScaryPotato Author

Thanks for the comment feillyne, those are some good points. I am planning on re-submitting again when the game is done. I honestly thought that the game was crammed full of hidden passages and items to be discovered, but guess I was wrong.

Out of curiosity, when you tried the game, did you have the instruction booklet from the Addons section, or did you dive straight into the game? I would like to think that it'd make the game more enjoyable and help explain what you can find:)

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To be honest, I only looked at your screenshots and artwork.

Tried it just a while ago, the demo is truly remarkable. So above suggestions stay, would be nice to see:
1) levels expanded even more (more fun stuff the better)
2) more varieties of opponents
3) maybe some entirely secret or bonus levels accessible either via a secret entrance/passageway or an unlockable gate
4) minibosses

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