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Here a Video about devprocess of destroying stuff and feeling like Dualzan!

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Destruction in Beams,

i bet you have seen the dev process of "Dualzan" Dual Grapple Hook thing? If not here you go.

Wondering about the name? Tarzan had only one ;).

When you are not interested in watching not really boring dev, watch last 2 min. of gameplay.

Dualzan is good for traveling big maps in a dazillion eyeblinks, because they are huge sometimes and not so easy to travel.

There are many "obstacles" on your path. Clear them or be cleared +time to your counter. The "Connectors" are sometimes hidden under destroyable stuff, which is in some way protected. Basic Ai working so far(see other vids).

Here an example of T.o:D. the Tower of Doom. A Map /Level / Room / world, size depends on perspective.
You have to use Dualzan to get up there quick, when you want to make a highscore.
Here Modular build process of T.o.D.


And last but not least, Destruction Video,

When you are interested (hope so :)) watch me dev the effect, when not it would be nice when you watch the last two minutes of the video.

Then you get an idea. One usage would be to protect the grappling hook surface with destructo stuff, because grapplings connect only on specific stuff.

Very cool rubberbandfeeling, when you ankered to two objects and swing around.
Feedback is the most important thing i could get now ;)

Kind regards :)

PS: When you find silly grammar, pls tell me, my english is bad and rusty, i know. :)

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