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After many iterations and much improvement, we are proud to release the alpha version of our action-packed, spaceship battle game - Destroy Planet Earth.

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This week we released the alpha version of Destroy Planet Earth. If you're a fan of action-packed galactic battle games, then you should definitely give this one a speedrun. This week, we made significant changes and improvements upon the last released iteration, which was named milestorne 2, including:
i. An improved, more responsive aiming and shooting mechanic.
ii. A UI system which reveals player health and shield strength through the gameplay loop.
iii. Our newest feature weapon, "time dilation", the ability to temporarily slow down the passage of time for enemies, while the player itself can fly around and damage them as rapidly as ever. Each hackable spaceship can use this weapon twice.
iv. Subtitles which follow the cutscenes and voiceovers in the game.
v. Wormhole between the different level regions in the game galaxy, which the player uses to warp between levels.
vi. An improved, more responsive hacking mechanic

Our work on this version was focussed on massively improving upon milestone 2, in terms of how the player experiences various mechanics, as well as progress towards materialising our final vision for the game. We felt(as did many of the playtesters and consumers) that the previous iteration was marked by tedious, 'clunky' gameplay caused by less responsiveness(this is especially evident for the shooting and navigation functionalities), and so amending this was one of our key release goals. We also added novel mechanics such as time dilation to improve player engagement.

In future releases, we're looking to add more levels to the game, and polish what we have managed to build until now. We will add more challenging situations and harder to beat enemies, in order to enable the player to fully utilise time dilation. We will provide the hackable spaceships with more advanced weaponry such as seeker missiles which improve battle experience.

Here is a link to download our game - Drive.google.com

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