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September is almost over and its getting cold, but Derelict_ is just warming up! We have lots of progress to share here, as well as a new video for everyone to see. We have one month to get it all done! Wish us good luck!

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As you may have noticed, we have re-started building the game from the ground up. This is a difficult process but none the less, worthwhile and we are excited to be on our way to finishing it!

Building the game is a constant battle between providing great visuals and keeping the frames per second in check. Currently, we have 200 bugs in the pool available per level. When all are on the screen at once, the game is running at 60 FPS, and running smoothly. The cpu loads and file sizes have been challenging.

Fortunately we are on top of the matter and we are still getting 60+ fps on the iPad Air 2. This is of course at maximum quality settings. We are also testing on as low as iPad 3 hardware and we are still getting playable frames.

We are working on getting the soldiers shooting next.


All in all, the progress is good. Morale is high. We are getting it done; slowly but surely we are getting it done.
With luck and a lot of hard work, we are hoping to get the game available to everyone this Christmas. We do not plan to slow down and miss this deadline.

I have been brushing up on animation techniques and the results are looking pretty good, if I don't say so myself. Solid animations, rigs and such. Due to our non-existent budget, we cannot get any help with animations. So I have taken on what I've learned in school and applied it. It's turning out ok. I hope you agree.
Special thanks to everyone for helping us along and being so patient with us. A big Thank You to our music Sfx people.

I have been receiving many emails which I read and do appreciate. At this time, we are unable to hire anyone but we do like to hear from you.

Thanks for the read. We will have more content to share soon.


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