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Departed Paths is a new take on the choose your own adventure genre. Where you have only two choices to make to discover what has trapped you on this adventure.

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Departed Paths

Take yourself on a new and amazing type of choose your own adventure game, where all you are asked to do is swipe. Swipe with vigor, swipe with passion as you explore the world in Departed Paths. In order to discover who you are and who you will become by the choices you make along your journey. As well as why you are on this adventure and how to depart from the never ending path.

With a swipe of your finger you will be on your way to fighting bandits, defeating skeletons, and protecting the innocent. But with every action there is a reaction to your choices!

You may also stumble across the mysteries and intrigue that the forest has to offer along your path, such as catching evil bunnies or tracking down an evil wizard.

As the adventurer, you will find the way to depart from this never ending path. You will find yourself in another adventurers shoes and continue on the path towards one united goal in discovering why you have no memories and how you got stuck in the forest.

• Hidden items to discover and aid you on your adventure.

• Over 500 cards to journey through.

• Become a vampire or a werewolf or neither.

• Mystical forest with mythical creatures.

• Optional difficulties that include hard, normal, and story mode.

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