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this is infomation on the demo and the date it will come out on the site. if you have any questions at all please contact Reaver1 via PM (PRIVATE MESSAGES)

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The Demo-
We are releasing for a short period of time a demo of the first 2 levels on the 25th of steptember. as for people i will be contacting will get the game beta which is the game with the beta storyline which is pretty much differnt from Storyline in Twisted Darkness. the beta had 8 levels before it was scrapped due to computer issues.

The progress-
Well, its a slow process when bugs need to be fixed or when content has to be cut compleatly. This is taking a long time, longer then i thought it would. but that is why we are Leting the demo come out so you guys can at least get a feel for whats to come. and who knows we might make changes depending on fan feedback. So dont be afraid to leave any suggestions after the demo is released. After all, how are you going to fix a game without fan feedback?

Beta testers are wanted! if you would like to test out the game Private message me. i cant promise you that ill send a message back saying yes, as i only have spot for 3 other people. its like a little contest.

The image is Polybuis or however it is spelled. its there because i didnt have any other pictures on my computer besides that. so its just a place holder.

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