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I have update the demo to demo v2. Thank's to try it :)

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Hi everyone, I hope you are fine.

This is a news to says I have update the demo to demo v2 :

Gotohell-Demo v.2

The demo 2 is the same as the 1 but with lot of improvement.

You can find Information about the first demo here :


trailer here :

And for the music all credits go to adaMills.

here is all the changes :

fix :

Adding some minor optimisations.

fix some minor bug.

Fix the bug in the paradis where sometimes god doesn't appear.

The first fight in paradise is more easy.

Graphics :

Adding Color correction :

on :


off :


Fix somes volumetric lights who doesn't work


Adding impact effects on ennemis and everywhere else.

UI :

Load button doesn't work until your first save.

Adding a menu option in game :


Adding graphics options :

- Fps limiter (only in the first menu)

- Color correction

- Volumetric light

- Post processing

- Reflection

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