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Here is the second demo created for Cube: Defender of the Polyverse. This demo demonstrates some more of the game mechanics, as well as building onto the first level: Level Purple.

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The new updated demo has been released. There has been multiple changes since the last build, which we thought needed to be shown. The level has been built onto, allowing the player to explore around and inside the castle. Multiple camera angles and changes, showing off one of the game's mechanics, have been put into certain areas in the level. There are now 50 diamonds in the level that can be collected. There is a new main menu screen when the exe is started, and there is now a 'quit' button that can be used anytime in the demo.

This is only the first stage of many, and which, Level Purple is not even fully completed. Three additional levels are currently in the making, 'power' mechanics are being programmed, a storyline is being written, and even additional game modes are being started.

There will be more updates on what is being working on currently, additional ideas that are given thought while creating this game, as well as how we are going to achieve these goals.

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