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Sam is Roku's guide as she attempts to race and climb her way out of the depths of Hell. He's just your average fun-loving, floating demon head. In this update we explore his character a bit and reveal some of his animation! Take a look!

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Hello! And welcome back for another update! Today I bring you the first real look at the second major character in History of the Demon Girl: Sam.

Yup, he's a floating demon head.

And that's great! Because he's just the kind of floating demon head that's going to help Roku to run, scrape, and climb her way out of Hell. What's that? He's just glaring at you and not floating? My bad.

There, now he's all floating and demon-y. It's great!

So, like I was saying, he's gonna help you! A lot of times he'll help you by telling you were to go or what's coming up next, but mostly he's gonna mock you - like a lot - and sometimes he'll tell really bad knock knock jokes to do it. He's actually kind of a jerk, come to think of it. Man. THAT guy, eh?

Oh well.

In any case, I hope you enjoy his laughing animations, I still have some more expressions to do for him, but they shouldn't take long.

In other news, if you enjoyed the last post, you may remember that it contained a sequence of images relating to Roku's run cycle. I've actually tweaked her a little more and I think I've got her now:

Added a *blink*
Even added a little blinking action!

To check out the full animation progression click here!

I've some more animations that I'll try to post this weekend along with some new screenshots and maybe some gameplay gifs or new music. I'm doing my best to meet the Jan 31st deadline and give you guys updates (while still keeping secrets), but it's going to be a tight squeeze and right now it may have to push. I apologize for ANY delay (even if it's only a day), but believe me when I say I'm putting in every hour I can to make this the best game possible and still get it to you all as quickly as I can.

I appreciate your patience and if you like what you see, please become a watcher! Thank you to those of you who already have. And thanks to Henry for keeping an eye on the project and commenting. :)

Until next time!!!

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