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A pretty big update is coming tonight and this weekend we decided to launch a campaign on indiegogo instead of kickstarter.

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Hello everyone taking interest in our game, Nathan here bringing you another update.

The update is bringing a few improvements to the first level along with a very noticeable addition to the second level, now there is a structure blocking your path, open the exit and get out alive.

The first two levels are pretty short so we've put far more thought into the third level which will be a much larger underground cave, going through tight corridors and sneaking around large open cavern spaces with light shining through the cracks from the ground above.

In a few weeks we'll have a demo ready so you can check out the progress on the third level and discover some new creatures that I will put more time into to make more frightening.

We've decided to launch a campaign on indiegogo instead of kickstarter.

Why you may ask. Two things I immediately like about indiegogo is, less competition which has proven to give greater success rates even though kickstarter has a much larger viewer base, and that if we fail to meet our goal we still get to keep what money people pledged, which just with a fraction of our goal we can make the game considerably better than not gaining any funding.

In a day or two we will launch our campaign and post another update giving you guys more information.

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