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We will be releasing a demo this Saturday 02/01/2014!

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So the Kickstarter is withering on the vine and we need to do something drastic if we are going to pull through on this. So what better way to convince everyone to back our game? Let’s put it in their hands! That’s right, this Saturday (02/01/2014) we shall be releasing a single player demo for Threshold.

Features Included:
Digging (brought to you by the acorn of power)
No Floating Blocks (mostly)
Placeable Lights
7 different block types
And last but not least, Mr. Debugging Cube! (and his side kick Joe Sphere)

Now there are going to be some major bugs. Hopefully no horrific game crashing blue screening ones. However the game is not optimized, in fact it may actually be in a state of negative optimization. But remember this is a pre- pre- pre- pre- alpha demo. This represents less than three months of work in an effort to flesh out the biggest core mechanics of the game and should not be taken as final gameplay in any way shape or form.

So what can you look forward to bug wise? Well the blocks that appear at the beginning of the game are there for your use; however they are not placed in the world properly so they will usually all break when you break one. Furthermore, when this happens the game will freeze momentarily, do not be alarmed, this is normal. The game will shortly return to normal and all the blocks will fall out of the sky.

Hope to have more for you soon
Steven M. Palermo

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