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TL;DR it was probably one of my worst decidions regarding this mod so far, but it was neccesary, or at least I felt like it

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So last week I have released the DEMO for this mod that was supposed to showcase the two different paths' dynamic. Pit was meant to show the Guardian path's core: interacting with the guardian, while Asylum was doing the same with the Suitor for the Gold route. In the base mod they are good maps, but they are good because they are meant to be build ups for the next levels. They, as stand-alone levels are okay at best and I unfortunately failed to realise this before releasing the DEMO. Since there really hasn't been any feedback yet for the mod, I can only assume what I can see is what others saw in the DEMO: it's an amateur trial at creating something interesting in the game. A good vision but bad execution. That was the best feedback I got from the original mod back in 2012, or was it 2011? I don't quite remember. I'm sorry if I disappointed you.

Now with the negative out of the way, there were good things coming from this DEMO release. First of all, the sole reason I did release it as it was because I accidentally deleted almost a month worth of work when I was messing around with the files and after that, for 2 weeks I tried to redo the damage but could not get myself to work on the mod. After the DEMO's release, I have found a new inspiration. To be better than that DEMO and to show everyone I disappointed with that DEMO, that I can do better.

The other good thing is that I forced myself to finally record the narration I was planning for so long. It was easier to tell the inside tester that this is a flashback scene and there will be narration at some point in the future, but you can't just tell it to someone outsider playing the mod, so I had to do it. To be honest, that is probably my proudest part of the DEMO. I recorded myself talking, didn't die of cringe, and made it into a pretty cool part of the Asylum that might have caught some players' attention for the story.

I'm not going to update the DEMO despite me wanting to and I'm not going to delete it as well. It will be a harsh reminder for me not to rush the release of this mod and at the very least there is some content out there after over a year of development other than that one very outdated trailer and pictures.

Next month I'll return to the regular development diaries like the Wine Cellar or the Resource management one. No more badly made DEMOs or trailers. Thank you for reading.

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