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New Demo of the Catalyst now available for download, via the downloads section.

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A new demo for the Catalyst is now available adding, fixing and polishing various things. See below for details.

Change log for The Catalyst r002[2012.12.21]Copywrite 2012 Chris Chetwood
# ALL SHINY & NEW- 12 Music tracks added.- Added player kills stat to main screen.- Added three alternative title screens.- Landing stats shown on landing screen.- Group reputation stats added to job centre screen.- Mini-map can be called from the airfield screen using the "M" key.- Maximum stock can be selected based on available cash and capacity using right-click.- Map generated from Seed values.
# TWEAKED, ADJUSTED or POLISHED A BIT- Location named increased from 654 to 775.- Enemy gun fire volume adjusted with distance.- Player gun fire volume reduced.- Updated title buttons.- Player charged for each missed landing.- Updated landing sprite for Wolrossi aircraft.- Updated background for landing sequence.
# REPAIRED or PATCHED UP- Throttle position at take off corrected.- Buying and Selling upgrades fixed.- Removed damage text from Hanger Screen.- Corrected "Hanger" typo.

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