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You can now download the Lorn's Lure Demo on Steam.

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You can finally play a demo for Lorn's Lure! Keep reading if you want to know more about the project, and please wishlist to get updates as the project progresses.

Get it while it lasts, I may take the demo down after a week!

Below are some notes you may want to read

  • It's an alpha, so don't expect bells and whistles, I just wanted to showcase the core mechanics, flow, atmosphere, and story, as well as get feedback from the wider public
  • No controller support, but may add to final version if enough people request it
  • There is Saving / Loading, so feel free to take breaks. Saving is automatic!
  • There is a Hint system in case you get lost
  • Secret controls: Press P for picture mode, and V for video mode. P disables UI and climbing picks, while video mode disables only the UI. You have to toggle one off to enable the other

What's Next?

Here is what to expect if you follow the project:

  • More upgrades
  • More abilities
  • 6 or more large areas in total, increasing in difficulty as you progress, and varying in appearance
  • Steam achievements
  • Leaderboard if one doesn't materialize on speedrun.com
  • More polish as the game is developed (graphics, cutscenes, settings, etc.)
  • A little surprise if all goes well :)

And Finally

Generally the way I work is to finish an entire project end-to-end, and then really sink into the details afterwards. So you'll see the quality slowly progress over time.

Anyway, enough chit chat.

It's time to climb!

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