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Here is the demo of (ZW), a mini card specially created for you to test the mechanics of the game, construction, management, trap setting.

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Here is the first demo of Zombies World, a mini card specially created for the demo. All the current features are available but the construction has a limited space, you will discover the construction system but will not be able to build a big shelter. This little demo aims to plunge you into this war, survival and ... apocalypse.

2 men, ammunition, food rations and trapping equipment...how long will you survive?...who will die last?...you or your friend?...or will you make a miracle by creating a very functional shelter on this impossible map ... if you survive you will discover the new map hidden in the demo.

In this demo, you will discover the management of the characters, their movements, the management of the resources (food, water, fatigue, ammunition). The construction principle used in the game, the trap placement system. You will discover the new and unpublished,war fog system and new types of zombies.


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