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We are putting together a demo for beta testing soon AND it will be open to all players!!

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Hey! It´s been a while!

We are putting together a demo for beta testing soon (“soon” is relative, how much time is “soon” these days?) AND it will be open to all players!!

Here is a small video we shoot about the DEMO:

We add lots of things, rocks, more rocks, destroyed buildings (among other destroyed things) but the most important we tied all the things that make a game stop being a prototype toguetter to become the little monster we call Desert Pirates.

The DEMO Starts with the Main Menu!! Thank good I did this image big enough for the store, so I used in the demo!

main menu

Then you can choose with what cars to play, the convoy selector:


We call this the FIRST RIDE, it's basically a tutorial ZONE that will introduce the game to the player.


The first area is about as rocky as it gets, perfect for teaching very basic stuff. We use the drivers chat to learn how to play, explain game objective and tips.


We use this roads to travel between maps, they are still hard to find but we are working on some help for that.


This is one tribe of the game, called the "Settlers", where you can buy or trade stuff.


Here are some city remains, you can find some stuff here too.


Zoom is very useful for shooting cannibals (second tribe)!


And here is the final stage of the tutorial, a Militia (the third tribe) resource base, can you spot the resources?

final encounter

Don't forget to WISHLIST the game to play the beta! Store.steampowered.com

See you soon!

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