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Announcement of Shooting Star Seven Demo 3 - New Enemies.

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Latest game download (Demo 2)

Shooting Star Seven Demo 2

Latest game download (Demo 2)

It's been a while. I've suffered financial problem, but it's ok now.
this time, let me show you new enemies.

They are...Seashells.
in Demo 2, the enemies were easy to beat, they were just bullet sponges.
but Seashells are different, they defends bullet, or reduces its damage. you have to think about new tactics.
modeled with Blender.

1 rClam

Razor calm. better not touch this.

2 ren giantclam

Giant clam. destroy the core!

3 ren scallop

Scallop. this one runs away from you, and fires bullet.

Demo 3 WIP

Sculpin. works like ray.

5 sora cre

and Turban shell. takes barricade duty.

there's more enemies, but I'll save it for Demo 3's fun.


The last time I saw something like the turban was in CP Blood Drive, just replace the spikes with hands. I hate that thing with a passion but at least this one won't suck you in, right?

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kyropim Author

After your comment, I searched about it. wow it looks like...excrement. anyway sucking is interesting idea. I'll consider about it to other enemy's attack.

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