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Alpha Demo 0.3.4 is out which showcases the Shield and Beam upgrade options as well as descriptions on all parts.

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Added a new demo to showcase some new features, some parts can be upgrades (Shields, Beam, Laser) to different versions.

The Shields can be either normal shields. (each shot reduces 1 shield point), Pin Point Shields (When shields are at full they will project an extra layer of indestructible shield on one side of the ship, the side it projects on can be changed in the build options), and the Reflective Shield, which when damage will shoot a laser shot back out (cost 1 energy to do so, if you don't have enough energy, it will just give you 1 energy instead).

The Beam can be normal (fires a beam that hits all enemies in its spot), Burst (which is just a wider shorter version), or Blast which is an all around version that is shorter (if can hit enemies behind and next to you).

As before the laser has upgrade options too. You can have the normal version (shoots 1 laser shot out), or dual lasers (shoots two slightly slower lasers), or the Laser wave, which shoots a wide laser shot out (which is faster than the dual, but slower than the normal). The laser costs 1000r to unlock its upgrade options though.

I plan to have all the parts have upgrade options like these do. Check the forums for my ideas on each parts upgrade options.

Also I've added text descriptions on each build page telling a snippet of information for each part. When you change to the upgrade options, it will change the snippet of information.

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