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The second weekly update for the beta release of Delve.

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What's New?

* Multi-monitor display (monster on one screen, miners on the other)

* Tutorial

* Updated UI

* Monster lunges when attacking

* Removal of countdown

What's the Motivation?

The multi-monitor display was a priority, since it would prevent the players from looking at the other camera, and expands the view of each camera. We added a tutorial to guide the players more effectively, and updated the UI to be more visible to the players. The countdown was removed, as it seemed to just get in the way at the moment. Finally, the monster was given a lunge attack, which propels them forward when they press RT. This was added to give the monster a feeling of momentum, and allow them to more easily ambush and attack the players.

What's Next?

There are a lot of improvements slated for the next update. We aim to finalize the tutorials for both the miners and the monster, incorporate cutscenes, add an elevator to traverse through the mine, give the monster another ability, and add in music, sound effects, and animations to give the game a more polished feel.

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