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After the lights go out in the town, the miners' only choice is to traverse the mine to fuel the furnace and fend the monster away from attacking them. The mine is the monster's home however, so beware of his size and speed. The miners need to work together to fill the furnace, while avoiding the stealthy attacks of the monster. Shine your light at the monster to keep it away, stay close to your teammates, and good luck.

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What's New

--lantern fuel

--individual coal count

--mining mechanic

--main menu

--game over screen

--monster mist



--miner health

--level redesign


--sprite animations

What's the motivation?

We added lantern fuel so that people are unable to keep on their directional light forever. The main menu and the game over screen were created to clean up our game loop, making it more clear when the game ends and who wins when it ends. Individual coal count was added because it was unclear how many pieces of coal each player had in their inventory which was frustrating when they were unable to pick up coal that they were running into. Art and music were added to improve our game aesthetic. Monster mist was changed from the previous week because players would run into the monster with their light and because they couldn't attack nothing would happen, and it took away from the spookiness of the game, so now the monster turns into a mist and moves away when the light is shined on them.

What's next?

The biggest thing that needs to be added for the next deliverable is multi-monitor display capability. We will be doing further balancing on the light and on the monster. Will be adding more floors and outdoor starting level. Refining guidance for the player and the monitor. Other small tasks that we gather from this upcoming playtesting session.

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