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Tomatenquark is a community homage to Cube2: Sauerbraten which aims to bring the game on Steam.

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Dearest readers, today we would like to present the Tomatenquark project to you. The project coined under the name Tomatenquark is "a community homage to Cube2: Sauerbraten". We symbolize this in our logo. A cube which sprouts new life stemming from its community.

Firstly we would like to outline all the countless hours of work that have been put into the making of Cube2: Sauerbraten. It is an amazing game. Some of us have been active members in the Sauerbraten community for more than a decade.

We set out with a simple goal: "we love Sauerbraten, and would love to see ongoing commitment into the game".

We are proud to present a version of the game which is 100% free, publicly available to anyone, in good shape to be published on Steam.

At this stage we would like to announce the game to the general public. We are currently in the process of publishing the game on Steam and would like your feedback!

It will be possible to download new content in the game directly which will allow creators get their stuff out more quickly and players to enjoy new stuff hassle-free. It is a longstanding issue that we see in the game and we would like to tackle it right away.

If you would like to follow up on the project's roadmap please visit our website or chat with us on Discord!

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